About Independent Lancaster

The Independent Lancaster loyalty card is an initiative aimed to encourage shoppers to spend their money locally by supporting the independent businesses in and around Lancaster.


By shopping locally we can keep that currency circulating within the city for longer rather than being siphoned away to off shore tax havens or buy CEOs another mansion.


Traders can currently join the scheme for free just by pledging a discount or offer of their choice to reward cardholders with. The cardholders then simply have to shop at the business or buy the requisite item/s and show their card to claim their offer.


The scheme was founded in Lancaster by local illustrator Jack Knight who felt passionately that something needed to be done to help small independent businesses.


He was inspired by a loyalty card scheme currently operational in Liverpool that is successfully helping customers shop locally and save money.


Independent Lancaster was launched at the start of 2015 and within weeks had over two dozen traders backing the scheme and many more card holders eager to start saving shops whilst they're saving money.

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