Fruits of the Lune CLOSED

Where? 24 King Street


What do they sell? A range of handmade, handcrafted products from local artists, musicians and craftspeople.


As a card holder you will get: 10% discount not in conjunction with other offers.


You can follow them at these places:

Fruits of the Lune is located in Lancaster town centre and they opened on 11th October 2014. They're focussed on showcasing all of the very best talent from the Lune Valley and surrounding area, hosting a wide range of handmade and handcrafted product lines from local artists, musicians, craftspeople and artisans. For arts, crafts, gifts, homewares, music, special treats and more visit Fruits of the Lune where you can browse their wares and take a rest on their comfy sofas.


07949 719179


Opening Hours

Monday - 10am - 6pm

Tuesday - 10am - 6pm

Wednesday - 10am - 6pm

Thursday - 10am - 6pm

Friday - 10am - 6pm

Saturday - 9am - 6pm

Sunday - CLOSED

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