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Whether you're a retailer or a customer in the beautiful historic city of Lancaster, or the nearby coastal town of Morecambe, you'll know how important it is to support your local businesses. It's more than just a cosy feel-good message, the benefits of shopping locally are profound and important. When you spend your money with a local business, that's money going into the pockets of families in the area just like you, who will then respend that money on local goods and services and so the money keeps circulating here in the Lancaster and Morecambe area.


It's the little local independent shops that need your support, and with the Independent Lancaster loyalty card (also known as the Shop Local Lancaster card), you'll be rewarded for that support with a variety of special offers exclusive to card holders!


Though the card says Lancaster on it, there are a growing number of businesses in Morecambe and the surrounding area who are also supporting the local loyalty scheme.



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