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At Lancaster Escape Rooms, we have three different escape rooms to challenge you, plus a warm and friendly cafe area where you can either prepare for your game or analyse your performance afterwards. The cafe is also open to the general public and we are proud to be selling Atkinson's coffee. Within the cafe area there are a variety of puzzles sourced from around the world for your entertainment.


We also cater for corporate events and training days, with drinks and food packages available on request.


Lancaster Escape Rooms is a great interactive social experience for groups of friends, co-workers, couples on a date night, training days or anyone looking for a challenge and a laugh.


At Lancaster Escape Rooms you can choose from one of our three newly developed escape rooms. You have a maximum of one hour to solve your chosen room. The game involves teamwork, logic, communication, wits and puzzle solving to connect the clues and find your way out in time.


Lancaster escape is a family run business looking to work with and promote local business in Lancaster

Lancaster Escape Rooms

Where? 32 North Road, Lancaster, LA1 1NY


What do they sell? A unique experience. Be part of the action as you try and escape one of three unique and challenging escape rooms.


As a card holder you will get: 10% off all room bookings and food/drink in the cafe



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