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2019 Begins

By Independent Lancaster, Jan 19 2019 07:26PM

A New Year starts and an old year ends. We've been happy to see some new businesses opening up in Lancaster. Places like sandwich shop Ravenous on Sir Simon's arcade and there's a new tapas bar on Mary Street too. Have you spotted anything new in Lancaster lately? Comment below and let us know if there's a new shop or cafe you've noticed.

A fond farewell to some of the shops we've lost. These are hard times indeed for the retail sector, with even big businesses crumbling, it's no wonder small businesses are really finding it tough.

In just three years, the doors have now closed on Shelleys Sandwiches, Kitchen Corner, Roots Vegetarian Cafe, Ahoy, Cafe 23, Chrissie Harrison Beads, Dress II Impress, Enve, Fresh Cafe, The FIG Tree, Fruits of the Lune, Inspire Gym, Soupanova Soups, Jeccabox, Leaf and Bean Pantry, Moghuls, The Novel Cafe, Penny Street Boutique, Polish Delicatessen, Slip Inn Lane Emporium, Vanity, Wilde and Well Read and The Yard.

It's a shocking amount of businesses closing down, and those are just the ones that were supporting members of Independent Lancaster. There are many other businesses both large and small, national and local, that have ceased trading in Lancaster over the past three years.

It's not all doom and gloom though, there are still the hardy few who are opening businesses and starting new ventures. There's Tipple on King Street (a cocktail bar) and there's Lancaster Escape Rooms down on North Road. Down to Earth has had an extension, Bombay Balti has had a refurbishment and we've got a new gift shop on New Street called Inspire Gifts.

Please keep the news coming in about anything you've noticed around town, or questions on where you might be able to buy something locally. We'd love to hear from you, either comment below or send us an email using the contact form on this site. We're also available on Facebook if you need a chat so look us up at

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