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Save The Judges' Lodgings

By Independent Lancaster, Nov 24 2015 10:17AM

As local residents to Lancaster may be aware, last Monday it was announced that many museums and libraries are up for potential closure due to the knock on effects of government cuts.

One of the museums that may face that chop is the beloved Judges' Lodgings museum at the top of Church street. Lancaster's oldest town house and a valuable part of the castle hill heritage experience, this building has been treasured by generations of residents and visitors to this city. To lose it would be a devestating blow to Lancaster with long term ramifcations to the tourism industry.

A petition has been started with the aim of showing the local councils and the government how much this museum means to us. In just over a week the petition has gathered nearly 5,000 signatures in protest at the planned closure.

Please show your support for this venue and fight to keep it open!


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