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Wilde and Woodwork

By Independent Lancaster, Oct 27 2016 06:19AM

Two new businesses have just joined up in support of the local loyalty card. The first is "Wilde and Well Read" a recently launched cafe on New Street that's offering cardholders 10% off all of their purchases there.

The second business joining us is William Firth Woodcraft, based in Lancaster and currently selling his wares online until they can get a shop front in the city centre. They're offering cardholders 10% off when they spend £10 or more. Please get in touch with them for further information if needed.

Wilde and Well Read
Wilde and Well Read
William Firth Woodcraft
William Firth Woodcraft
May 24 2017 04:26AM by Independent Lancaster Team

An update to this entry. As of the beginning of May 2017 Wilde and Well Read has been officially closed and seized by the land-lord for rent arrears. This comes after several weeks of closure of the cafe following a drop in trade that came as a result of industrial action from unpaid staff members.

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