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By Independent Lancaster, May 1 2016 08:00AM

Independent Lancaster has been going for over a year now! Thank you to all the cardholders and businesses supporting this scheme and helping to promote local spending. If you bought a card early on last year then don't forget it'll need renewing any moment now. Just visit HERE to buy a new card for the next 12 months of local deals.

By Independent Lancaster, Feb 11 2015 01:00PM

Photos are already coming in from happy customers who've received their red envelopes in the post. Every day should be a red letter day, and when you get your brand new plastic Independent Lancaster loyalty cards - it's a pretty good day indeed.

Now they'll be able to get all kinds of offers and discounts at an increasingly expanding range of shops, restaurants, bars and services. Every little bit helps no matter what the size of the discount, it all adds up to great savings off your shopping every time you use your card for the whole year.

We're thrilled you're as pleased as we are and please, do send us your photos when you get your cards because we like seeing them arriving at their new homes.


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