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By Independent Lancaster, Mar 28 2020 01:58PM

I'm sure you've seen the word unprecedented a fair few times over the last few days. We're currently entering a remarkable period of history that is affecting the whole world. There is a lot of uncertainty, a lot of worry and panic. The NHS are working tirelessly to help those in need and everyone else is doing their bit by staying indoors.

It's been amazing to see how people and businesses have rallied around in a time of crisis. They've offered help, and shown forgiveness, kindness and compassion, but not only that, they've also rallied in support of their independent, local businesses more than ever before. As supermarkets were stripped of supplies, customers, forced to look elsewhere, now discover the corner shops, wholefood shops, butchers, bakers and milkmen that were all previously overlooked. People are also communicating with their loved ones more than ever before, reconnecting with old friends, catching up on box sets and books, learning new skills and languages, spending more time with their children or maybe finally getting started on that novel they'd been thinking about but never had the time for.

Whilst we're in no way dismissing the gravity of the situation, it's important in times of difficulty like this to focus on the silver linings and the blessings, whatever they may be. A Facebook community group called Lancaster and Morecambe Support Group - Corona Virus has been set up to provide somewhere for people to share information, news, support and ideas..

Just a small selection of good news stories from the area: Quite Simply French, a lovely restaurant down on St George's Quay, was one of the many premises that have closed their doors during this global quarantine, but their new boutique accommodation was immediately offered up to NHS workers. The Greaves Park on Bowerham road shut their doors and gave their car park over for the use of NHS workers and The Borough on Dalton square have also given their hotel rooms over to NHS workers.

Many other businesses have stepped up and pitched in to help wherever they're able to, proving deliveries, offering take aways, donating supplies to local help centres and causes, such as Eggcup and the Morecambe Bay Food Bank which both provide food and support for local people in crisis. With people staying at home significantly more there is sure to be an increase in people ordering supplies from the online giant that is Amazon. But did you know that even if you're buying things from there, you can help support the Morecambe Bay Food bank? Simply visit and choose the Morecambe Bay Food bank as your nominated charity. After that, as long as you visit Amazon via the "smile" link, Amazon will donate money to the charity if you make any purchases. It all helps!

Below you can find some informative links to information that's been put together by Lancaster resident Dan Knowles to help people know what's available for delivery so they can source the supplies they need.

We hope your're staying well and that this post proves to be a useful source of information. Stay safe and please do get in touch if there's anything we might be able to do to help or signpost you to someone who can.

Lancaster and Morecambe Delivery Services

Pets not forgotten! Local business owner VP Pet Supplies wants pet owners to know that there are a number of local pet equipment businesses in the area they can get in touch with to get supplies for their furry, feathered or scaly friend. Listed below are the websites and phone numbers associated with these local pet supply businesses:

- VP Pet Supplies ~ 07852 224465

- AJ Exotics ~ 01524 69825

- Hala Pet Stores ~ 01524 847434

- Pete's Pets ~ 01524 833273

- Raw Feeding Plus ~ 07884 040443

- Spare Moments Equestrian Supplies ~ 01524 410575

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