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By Independent Lancaster, Apr 27 2016 08:00AM

After their old premises on Rosemary Lane was flooding at the end of 2015, clothing shop Waterhouse has upped sticks and relocated to a shiny new shop on Brock Street. They're just across the road from fellow Independent Lancaster supporting business Arteria and the same side of the road as The Polish Delicatessen. Card holders are in for a treat on this street!

By Independent Lancaster, Mar 11 2016 10:16AM

Storm Desmond at the end of 2015 ruined the Christmases of many people in Lancashire. Great swatches of Lancaster town centre ended up under several feet of water and businesses were destroyed. In the aftermath of the storm people have been doing their best to rebuild their livlihoods and some premises were able to open again after a few weeks. Others are still fighting with insurance companies, dealing with complete building renovation and trying to get things back on track. It could be another few months before they're back up and running again.

Some of the businesses have moved premises entirely and reopened elsewhere in town, such as the FIG Tree, which was located in the old chuch on the corner of Chapel street, selling fair trade items. They've had to relocate their stock into a number of different locations, such as the Corner Stone Cafe near Dalton Square. Both the FIG Tree and the Corner Stone Cafe support the Independent Lancaster loyalty card and we're really pleased to see businesses coming together to help each other out in these difficult times.

The clothing shop Waterhouse which was also hit by the flooding, has moved locations to Brock Street. They're not open yet but they're optimistic they should be on track for opening by Easter all being well.

Go Burrito on lower Church Street was devested by the flooding and they're still unfortunately closed, but they're working hard on sorting out the insurance and pulling through.

Lancaster's had a tough time of it lately, and with cuts to museum services on the cards along with hikes in council tax and reductions of bin collections - things are set to get grimmer. But we're a hardy and resilient lot here in Lancashire and as the aftermath of the flooding showed, we know how to pull together as a community when the chips are down. This is a very gratifying thing to know.

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