The Novel Cafe is a great place for an afternoon snack, especially if you've got children or a dog in tow because the cafe welcomes both. Upstairs, the walls are filled with bookshelves of all genres of second hand books, and amongst the comfy sofas and seating areas upstairs you'll find a wide variety of toys of children to play with whilst you relax with a cuppa. Downstairs there are new books for sale, comfortable seating areas and a calm, relaxing atmosphere with free Wifi for their customers. It's a delightfully local little haven to curl up in with a good book and cake for the remainder of the day.


Sadly this business has now closed down. Please keep supporting your local businesses to try and avoid more of them leaving our high street.


Novel Cafe

Where? 18 New Street



What do they sell? Coffee, teas, lunches, locally sourced cakes, homemade soups and books, lots of books!


As a card holder you will get: 10% discount off orders over £5.00


You can follow them at these places:

social_07 childrens area front window

-- CLOSED --