Privacy Policy

This site uses Google Analytics codes to track demographics of who visits the website, how long they stay on the site for and what kind of things they're interested in. This helps us get a better idea of what we're doing right and where we need to change.


Because of linking this site with Google analytics, Independent Lancaster's website now uses things called cookies to gather this information, legislation states that we must inform website users that we're tracking their presence on the site to give them the option of cloaking their activities if they'd like to remain unobserved.


Bear in mind, the cookies can't tell us your name, just what kind of device you're using, how long you're on the site, pages you visited, rough demographics of age range, gender, country the device is being used in and how you found us. This is all really useful information for us and if you're happy with us knowing about all that then that's great. If you'd rather be totally anonymous then Google recommends having a look at this link: